No One’s Fault but MY OWN

Whether you are in school, just out of school, or have been out for years, learning is crucial for survival. Now, I don’t mean survival in the traditional sense (your heart, lungs and brain functioning). Let me explain. I had a professor my freshman year of college who always said, “If you're not learning you’re … Continue reading No One’s Fault but MY OWN

Get Your Coffee Date Freedom Back

Why I can’t and won’t stop talking about Arbonne Let’s be real, we have all had an acquaintance meet us for coffee and we become very skeptical, waiting for the moment when they trap us into a conversation about their new network marketing business. We shut them out before they start talking, roll our eyes … Continue reading Get Your Coffee Date Freedom Back

When Exactly is “Someday”? Hint: you won’t see it on your Calendar

“Don’t ‘Someday’ your life away!” - unknown Let me ask one more question: Why do we say “someday?” I think that it is a lack of belief in what we are capable of. Part of us pushes our dreams away because we are afraid of failing. If we never commit and actually try, we push … Continue reading When Exactly is “Someday”? Hint: you won’t see it on your Calendar

The Balancing Act

Would you rather change your diet to something nutritious or give up your smartphone? For most of us (myself included), the idea of eating healthy sounds just as miserable and boring as not having your phone. But why does nutrition have such a bad rap? Maybe because the majority of us were bored to the … Continue reading The Balancing Act

Putting the ‘u’ in SUCCESS

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”- Jeff Olson These words ring true for many of us, but are we the successful or the unsuccessful person that is being described? We all want to be successful at something, most of us don’t know how to take the first steps to get … Continue reading Putting the ‘u’ in SUCCESS

Beauty and Health are MORE than just SKIN DEEP

The largest organ in your body is being taken for granted and could be hindering your progress towards living a healthier life. It takes less than 30 seconds for a product to be absorbed by the skin and start to affect other organs. This is why medicated patches work! Most people don’t think twice about … Continue reading Beauty and Health are MORE than just SKIN DEEP