Moving On Down

Most people would like to move up in this world, but right now I am completely content on moving down… in pounds that is. Last week my official Arbonne 30 Days to healthy living ended, BUUUUT I love the shakes and fizz sticks so much that I have kept up with it. And now I … Continue reading Moving On Down

You’re not Body-shaming Yourself, you’re Loving Yourself!

“I am beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t bring me don’t you bring me down today…” -Christina Aguilera   Body shaming: the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size. How horrible is it that that is even a thing! The only … Continue reading You’re not Body-shaming Yourself, you’re Loving Yourself!

You Are Not Defined By How Much You Weigh

Today was my first weigh in since starting my 30 Days to Healthy Living and man was I nervous. I was hoping to have lost a little weight, but I knew that since I am already in a healthy body range that I wouldn’t lose much. I also new that I had not been sticking … Continue reading You Are Not Defined By How Much You Weigh

Detox the Detox

We hear the word detox all the time, and most of you are sick of hearing about it. Usually, we hear about it so often is because there is controversy about whether detoxing your body is good or bad. Personally, I think the question should be what is the right way and the wrong way … Continue reading Detox the Detox

The Balancing Act

Would you rather change your diet to something nutritious or give up your smartphone? For most of us (myself included), the idea of eating healthy sounds just as miserable and boring as not having your phone. But why does nutrition have such a bad rap? Maybe because the majority of us were bored to the … Continue reading The Balancing Act