Welcome! If you are looking to take small steps towards living healthier, then you have come to the right place.

About me:
I found my love of exercise in college, when I needed a break from piles of school work the gym was an escape. I went to school in a place that was, for lack of better terms, cold and downright boring. So to remedy the monotony I took my school work the the gym, I would use a stationary bike or elliptical that I could put my books on and just go. Eventually, my oasis from studying had become a love of mine. I changed my major to Exercise Science and I was finally excited about school. From there my passion grew to helping others find a love of exercise as well. After graduating I taught fitness classes for people of all ages. After teaching a few years, I decided to join Arbonne, an amazing Health and Wellness network marketing company. Arbonne gives me the opportunity to help others live a healthier life through more than exercise, while giving me the time and opportunity to work outside of the nine to five. Exercise, health, wellness, and pure products are my passions and I want to share my love of these things with you!

About the blog:
I am a real person, just like everyone else. I am nothing more than your average person. I don’t have rippling muscles, bend like a pretzel, or eat kale for every meal. This blog is for you. This is for the everyday person who has a busy life but still wants to be healthy. I hope this will be a happy place for you. A place that can give you encouragement to help you live the life you want to live. Enjoy!