Craft Happens

Being healthy doesn’t just happen, it takes effort. Just like everything else that is worth having. But why do we always end up putting self care and relaxation on the back burner? Just because you need to focus on exercising, eating right and the other million ‘to do’s’ you have doesn’t mean you need to cut your “me time.” It’s actually counter productive to cut the time for yourself and I have learned that the hard way. I tried to spread myself too thin and thought that cutting the time I spent doing little things I love would add up to giving me more time and energy for other activities and instead I got burnt out.

Rest doesn’t always mean sleep, it also doesn’t mean lying on the couch watching tv(though I pretend it does). Rest can come in many forms and it all depends on your personality. Some people need quiet time, maybe reading a book or crafting and other people need to be refueled by hanging out with friends or going out and doing activities, and some people need a mixture. Whatever your personality, the important part is to know what YOU need to recharge your batteries and fuel yourself for the week to come.

Personally, I need a mixture of the two, I like having time to be quiet but I also LOVE being with friends. This weekend I decided to have quiet time and decided to do some DIY projects. I used to craft all the time, and I loved it, but with work and life I got away from it. But, when I took the time to DIY this weekend it felt so good and I was proud of the items I made and it made me excited for the week to come. Take a look at the headbands I made this weekend and if you feel like you need a little craft in your life then make them yourself and let me know what you think!

Adjustable Non-Slip Headbands:

Things you need:
-a ribbon you like (main part of headband)
-velvet ribbon of same thickness as your ribbon
-old bra strap or adjustable strap from shirt, bathing suit etc.
-Hot glue


1.) Pick a ribbon you like and measure from behind one ear over top of your head to behind the opposite ear. Cut ribbon and velvet ribbon to this measurement.

2.) Place backs of both ribbons together on a flat surface and make sure they are lined up so the ends are even.

3.) Take adjustable strap end (buckle down on surface) and glue between the ribbons.


4.) Slowly add glue in between the ribbons sticking them together. Move from the strap end to the opposite end by adding glue, placing the ribbons together, then pressing them together from strap end to opposite so there are no bubbles. Leave the other side open enough to add the other side of the strap.

IMG_8851 (1)

5.) Wait for glue to be cool and non-tacky. Measure how long you need the adjustable strap by placing the headband around your head as you would wear it. Make sure to leave the strap long enough that it make sense for you to adjust, and then cut and clue end within ribbons. Remember to check that the strap and ribbons make a complete circle with NO twists before gluing.

IMG_8852 (2)

6.) Wait for the glue to dry. ENJOY!

IMG_8884 (1)

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