No One’s Fault but MY OWN

Whether you are in school, just out of school, or have been out for years, learning is crucial for survival. Now, I don’t mean survival in the traditional sense (your heart, lungs and brain functioning). Let me explain. I had a professor my freshman year of college who always said, “If you’re not learning you’re dead.” I always took that as the partner to “you learn something new every day.” so I was like “yeah, you’re right we do learn unless we are dead.” But today it got me thinking, maybe he didn’t mean physical death at all! I was reading my bible yesterday and in 1 Thessalonians it talks about being asleep/ dead, and what the author was talking about was that we can physically live but not be present (sure there were other religious meanings that I won’t get into) but how scary is that?! How many of us have seen the ‘zombies’ walking around town, those people staring directly at their phones not participating in walking or drinking coffee or even being with friends? YIKES! I know I have been that zombie but I have been trying to be present. It’s hard with so much technology all around us, but last week my husband and I started leaving our phones in the kitchen so even if we were watching tv or a movie, we would be watching the same screen, not the movie and Facebook or movie and ifunny. It was hard at first but I now enjoy my time so much more without having my phone glued to my hand, I challenge you to try it.

Another way to stop being the zombie of your own life is to study. Yeah, some of you may be thinking ‘heck no,’ I have enough work to do. But it shouldn’t feel like work if it is something you enjoy. I have loved reading network marketing books because they really interest me, but if you aren’t in network marketing I doubt they would be a fun read. Find something that interests you and keep learning! I used to really hate reading, so it is odd that I am telling you to read and learn, but now that I started reading something that I liked, that interested me, I can’t get enough. And I feel better always learning something new that is worthwhile not the results of a goofy quiz that tells me Hogwarts house I would be in. Speaking of myself, I personally think that everyone should read some sort of self-development book. Yeah, they might sound cheesy, but if you find the right one you will be addicted (in a good way). Whether you have work goals, health goals or just other personal goals, reading self-help books may just give you the extra motivation you need.

When I went to the Arbonne Global Training Conference in Las Vegas I was blown away by one of our speakers, John O’Leary, and I could not wait to read his book “On Fire.” Obviously, I did wait because that was a few months ago, but I am so moved by this book! I haven’t made it very far yet, but I just read a chapter where he talks about taking responsibility for your actions and how it will set you free. While I was reading I felt such a conviction of how many times I put the blame on something else. “It’s not my fault I didn’t work out, it’s too hot out today…” “It’s not my fault I didn’t eat healthy today, all they had was junk…” “It’s not my fault I didn’t lose weight this week, I’m just at a plateau stage…” What a bunch of BS!!! IT IS MY FAULT! (yes, this is where we get to my fitness update for those of you that were waiting on that) I didn’t lose weight because of CHOICES I MADE. OUCH! That kinda hurts, I know I’m the one to blame, no one else. But, since I take the blame, now I know who to look for for a change, ME! Guys, sh*t happens and we get off track, but the key is what you do when you are off track. I can do what I’ve done in the past and fulfill my self-prophecy, and stay off track and then say “Oh, well I knew it wasn’t going to work, it never does.” Well no sh*t Sherlock, if you don’t follow through there will be no reward. This week I’m taking the blame and I’m working toward a change, what about you?

One thought on “No One’s Fault but MY OWN

  1. Awesome post Jennifer 😊. I enjoyed reading your post and there is so much to take from your post. Thanks so much for posting it 😊

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