Moving On Down

Most people would like to move up in this world, but right now I am completely content on moving down… in pounds that is. Last week my official Arbonne 30 Days to healthy living ended, BUUUUT I love the shakes and fizz sticks so much that I have kept up with it. And now I am down to 128.6 lbs WHOOOOO! Every week I get a little closer to my goal and I couldn’t be more thrilled. And I am even more excited that I have helped inspire so many people to work toward their health goals. Truly I am honored and I have always dreamed of helping people live happier healthier lives. BUT, I do need to make a clarification for some of you. I participated in the 30 days to healthy living through Arbonne, NOT, I repeat NOT the Whole30.

Though there are similarities between the programs (health benefits, flushing toxins and getting down to unprocessed natural foods), after looking into both programs I personally believe the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living is a better choice for people looking for a long term change in their diet (and no, I’m not just saying that). Not only does the 30 days to healthy living have a support group who keeps you accountable (I haven’t heard of anyone dropping out of the program where as in the whole 30, most people don’t make it the whole time.) But, The program is easy to continue into your normal everyday life after the 30 days. After talking to some people who have done the Whole30, the program looks to be set up as more of a flush the system that doesn’t allow you to make brownies made from healthy ingredients because (and I’m paraphrasing at best) ‘you’re still thinking of it as a treat, and food should only be the source of nutrients’ and apparently not joy… but this makes it easy to go back to your old habits. And who wants to waste money on that? Especially since the average person spends about double on food during the Whole30, sure with the 30 days to healthy living you have to pay up front and it looks like a lot, but trust me it’s nothing compared to what the average person spends at the grocery store normally let alone buying foods allowed during the Whole30.

Sorry for my rant, but I think that food should be a tool to make us healthy and provide fuel to our bodies but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy. Personally, I think making a healthy dessert is great! Eat healthy AND enjoy the taste. I would go crazy if I had to eat the same nasty food all the time because its fuel and not fun, and just the thought of needing something sweet means your doing it wonder people fail. I saw a post where a woman was being discouraged because she said she wanted a healthy dessert and already eats plenty of fruit and wanted something different, and they told her not to eat fruit as a dessert because there should be no dessert at all… I’m going to stop my rant before my blood boils, but here is my take away point: love yourself and work on fueling your body the best way you can, whatever that means for you personally and be okay with not being perfect. So have your cake and eat it too!

Anyway, this week I was supposed to be strict ketogenic, and I say ‘supposed to’ because this weekend we had family in town and I ended up not being as strict as I would have preferred. I made the good choices while eating out, and if you have ever tried eating healthy at a restaurant then you know that is never as healthy as cooking at home. But that’s life, and we keep moving forward. This week I plan to stay strict, so follow my instagram for more great keto recipes! So far I love my protein nut balls and my chocolate peanut butter fat bombs! Great source of natural fats and they keep me full, and out of the kitchen from bored eating. Remember it’s okay to Treat yo self!

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