The Last of the Thirty Days

Today is the last day of my 30 Days to Healthy Living program! First, I want to thank those of you that have reached out to see how my journey to healthy living is going and to those of you who have said that I have already impacted your journey to living a healthier life! When I started my 30 days I hoped to lose some weight, stay on budget, learn to live a healthier life and help others to do the same. I say ‘hoped,’ because I wasn’t really sure how the program would go. But, today was my final weigh in, and I would say it has gone really well. I weighed in at 129.1 pounds, and if you read last week’s update you would see that I weighed the same last week. I’m not going to lie, it would have been great to lose a little more, but I can’t be mad because that means I’m losing weight in a healthy way and it’s not a yo-yo diet. I haven’t gained anything back even though this past week I “cheated” a few times. Total, I have lost 3.3 lbs in 30 days and that feels great!

So, what about my other goals during the 30 Days? Budget wise I stayed on point, which is important. I live in an expensive city and sometimes I’m not sure if I’ll have enough for rent, which makes it hard get healthy food that is also organic or grass fed. This month though, I was able to eat healthy foods AND I wasn’t worried about rent at the end of the month because I bought everything I needed for the 30 days at the beginning. I would call that a win in my book! I have also learned a lot about living a healthier life, (which I will share with you in the coming blogs,) and I feel more prepared to go my next month without my support team. I have more energy, I’m not relying on caffeine or having blood sugar drops that affect my mood as much. Most importantly, I was never starving during the program, unless I forgot to pack my shake or a snack, which is my fault and not the program’s fault.

Where is my healthy living going from here? The next 30 days I am dedicating to living a strict ketogenic lifestyle. I currently try to keep my macro’s in the ketogenic range, but I am not very strict about it. Now that I have given my body time to adjust to low carbs, medium protein, and high fats I will be raising and lowering each of these nutrients to their perspective ketogenic areas. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! As for impacting people along my journey, I hope I have helped at least one of you to be encouraged on your journey to a healthier life and to make that leap into a steady healthy diet for life. If the 30 Days to Healthy Living looks like a good fit for you, check out the program and products at to see the discounted bundle package for the 30 Days you have to become a preferred client and all details are listed on the initial page. If you can’t find the information or have any questions please contact me through my email:

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