Onward and Upward

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Personally, I had a great time relaxing and even taking time away from my phone, which is always important. Today was my third week weigh in and I was pleasantly surprised. After last week when I only lost .03lbs I was expecting so be the same weight again. And I had prepared myself for those numbers. But, instead, I weighed in at 129.1!!! WHoooooo! I don’t remember the last time I was under 130, it had to be in college, and I’m pretty positive that I did not have as much muscle then either. Sure, my numbers aren’t shocking but they are pretty consistent which means I will be more likely to keep off the extra weight, which is always a plus in my book. Three weeks and three pounds down!

I only have one week left in my 30 days to healthy living, but I already feel so prepared for what comes next. But, weight loss isn’t going to go on forever, and I have to remind myself that at some point my numbers will stop and they may also go up if I want to reach other goals. I confess that the scale has not always been my friend, and I have had to take time away from even weighing myself due to the obsessions of finding my worth in the number on its screen. I had to teach myself to find other ways to measure my progress, such as “how do I FEEL,” and “what physical GOALS have I reached.” (how fast I can run a mile, how many pushups I can do, how much can I squat, etc.) If you struggle with the scale like I do, these action goals can be really helpful instead of just staring at a scale or mirror and picking apart everything that makes you self-conscious.

Sure, this sounds weird coming from someone who is sharing their weight loss journey, but let me explain. I feel comfortable sharing the weight loss because I know my body fat percentage and I do keep track of that number. I also am at one of the most physically fit times of my life, and I am careful to stay strong and not lose “weight,” (which could be muscle) just for the sake of the numbers. I know that I have a few pounds of fat that are able to be lost, and those are what I am losing now, and making my weight go down. BUT I also know that when I start to gain muscle with some of the goals I have after my 30-day program, that number may go back up. AND that’s okay. Yeah, I’m sure I will struggle with it, that low number mindset still affects me. But I will probably keep my “only weigh yourself once a week,” rule so I don’t get obsessive. And, as I will share with you after my 30 days to healthy living, I have many goals in the gym to reach. Focusing on those goals should keep me on track to living a healthy/ strong life not a “skinny” life. Wish me luck on my last week of the program!

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