Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Week 3 Update

And just like that my third week is over! I can’t believe how fast this journey is going by, I truly thought it was going to drag on, and I was especially not looking forward to this week. The 30-day program is set up to have a cleanse on the third week, and honestly, I was terrified. This may be too much information, but when I heard the word “cleanse,” I instantly thought that meant the product was going to flush me out by means of multiple extended trips to the bathroom. YIKES! So, obviously I was dreading this week, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cleanse is just added to my water bottle and I drink it over the whole day. I mixed mine with two fizz sticks for taste and energy and I really enjoyed the taste. Sure, I was drinking a lot of liquid and still had to deal with my small bladder, but I had no abdominal cramping or anything of that nature. I’m not sure if that would have been the case if I didn’t complete weeks one and two with the detox tea once or twice a day first. But, that’s what makes this plan so great, it eases you in and makes it easy to stick with it. AND I was able to eat the same as I have been for week one and two! I didn’t have to give up solid food.

So, how am I feeling? A little stressed, thanks for asking, (LOL) but that has nothing to do with my 30-day program. But, seriously I feel great. This week I’m not putting pressure on the scale and the numbers I may or may not see. Instead I have surprised myself with how confident I feel! I have been able to wear a couple pairs of shorts that I used to think showed off too much of my legs and made them look bad. I have never liked my legs, but this week I have been showing them off and feeling great in everything I have been wearing, which is a true accomplishment! I never thought I would be excited to go to the pool with friends and be seen in my bathing suit. Sure, who doesn’t love going to the pool, but I used to get panicked about how I look and what people might think. But not anymore. Currently I’m excited and not afraid to show how much I feel that I have changed. If it’s not sunny this weekend, I’m going to be totally bummed.

What’s next? The first two weeks I changed only my diet and was not exercising as I used too. This week I added in a brisk one hour walk most days mixed in with the cleanse. Next week I go back to detox tea instead of the cleanse, and I plan to add in more exercising. My energy has been coming back, and my body is not in shock from my diet change so I think it will be appropriate to add in more exercise so I don’t hit another plateau. It’s important to take the time to slowly work into a lifestyle change. If I had jumped into a new diet and added more exercise, my body would have freaked out, and I probably would not have been able to keep up with any of it. Now my body is accommodating the changes I give to it, and strengthening to allow more. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and if we push too hard it may never come. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the hard work, and have a great weekend!

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