Get Your Coffee Date Freedom Back

Why I can’t and won’t stop talking about Arbonne

Let’s be real, we have all had an acquaintance meet us for coffee and we become very skeptical, waiting for the moment when they trap us into a conversation about their new network marketing business. We shut them out before they start talking, roll our eyes while thinking: “ No matter what you say, I’ll never buy this stuff and I resent you for even putting me in this awkward situation, also I plan to avoid you like the plague for the rest of time.”

Most of us have had this encounter, and you aren’t alone, but if I can ask just one thing: please don’t shut these people out. We are not monsters, we have reasons for owning our businesses that you probably don’t even know, or want to know about because you’re preoccupied with finding a way out of the conversation (I know, I’ve been on that side of a conversation). If you just stay with me a little longer you may just get your coffee date freedom back instead of constantly worrying about ulterior motives.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone who owns a network marketing business, but I personally like to warn people if I plan on talking business with them. If I don’t say something like, “Hey ______, I would love to grab coffee with you sometime this week, are you free Wednesday? (response) Great! I would love to talk to you a little bit about my Arbonne business and what I do, if you let me talk to you about the opportunity I will give you some free samples does that work for you?” Then I am not going to be giving you any type of pop up lecture and I DO want to spend time with you and get to know you. Even if I ask you to meet using the previous lines, whether you say yes or no to me talking about my business, I STILL want to get to know you and spend time with you. I am not evil, I am not manipulative, I just saw you as a person I would be willing to work with and who may need this business as much as I needed it (please take it as a compliment).

So, now that you have agreed to hypothetically meet me for coffee without the Arbonne talk we sit and talk about life. Now, I will most likely ask how work is going (a completely normal question), though now you are dreaded the return to me because now I’m going to talk about my business. You automatically get tense and freak out (it’s okay!). Yes, I will talk about my business, because that is what I do and I LOVE it! You may have a hairless cat that disgusts me but if you wanted to talk about it, I would let you, because I know how much that cat means to you. So, please just listen to my voice when I talk about what I love and just act normal, it is not a trap! It upsets me when no one else gets excited about my business, but they don’t know WHY it is so important to me and it’s not their fault.

When I first heard about Arbonne I was at Bible Study trying to act normal and meet new people, but on the inside, I was in a constant state of panic. I was newly married and my husband was finishing his last semester of college which was an unpaid, full-time student teaching position, and I was working six part-time jobs. Let me repeat that, I was working SIX part time jobs and it wasn’t just one a day, it was bouncing from job to job from 7am to 9pm and I was exhausted! I wanted a way out, so I LISTENED when my new Bible Study leader told me about what she did and I asked to meet with her to learn more. The funny thing is though, when I met with her I was so ashamed of the financial state I was in that I LIED (yes I have fessed up now), I told her I wanted to start a business so I could have extra money to go shopping. (HA! In my dreams, I just wanted to pay bills) So, I can’t be too mad when people don’t understand how in a few months Arbonne helped me go from working six jobs to only four (doesn’t seem like much but it helped!), I was getting time freedom and financial freedom. I get emotional about what I do because I was doing EVERYTHING I could to help my family, and if I had done any other “real” job people would be proud of me. Instead, I get scoffed at and told that it’s a scam, that I need a “real” job, or they just don’t listen at all. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes as a “real” job but I’m pretty sure a legal business that pays well and gives my family a chance should be taken seriously. So this is all I ask, the next time anyone wants to talk to you about their business, please listen. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, (though it is better to buy from a friend that is trying to better their life than from a big corporation who doesn’t even know you exist), but these are real people who wanted to talk to YOU and get to know YOU, so get to know them.

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