Keep On Keepin On

Have you ever been excited to get on the scale and check those results you KNOW you deserve? Those numbers have been building up in your brain all week, maybe 1 pound but probably 5 since you have been working so hard, but when you step on the scale you see a number that doesn’t add up to your efforts. How can we go from such a high feeling about our progress to a deep low full of contemplation to quit? Last week I preached about how “it’s not about the numbers,” but today I had to take a dose of my own medicine and build a bridge and get over it. But it’s so dang hard! I was so impressed with my numbers from week one, I couldn’t wait to check them this morning. But instead of losing another two pounds I lost .3 pounds. Whaaa Whaaaa…So what did I do? Of course not what I should have done. I got upset and I have been letting it ruin my whole day.


I am not perfect, and though I try to encourage others to keep on keepin on, I am TERRIBLE at encouraging myself. My first thought when I saw my numbers was, “Well I can’t blog this today, this looks so bad!” But, my blog isn’t to show off and tell you how perfect I am, and how you should be just like me, that would be boring, unrealistic and not to mention a big steaming pile of BULL!  Instead, I want to show you that you’re not alone in your weight loss struggle. I’m not going to lie, I know I don’t have too much weight to lose to get to a healthy weight. Which is going to make it more difficult to reach those number I want so badly, and I haven’t been exercising, so of course, my numbers are going to plateau after changing my diet. I can’t compare myself to those people in my group who have lost 5, 10, and even 20 pounds because those numbers aren’t realistic for me. I am so excited for them, and yeah I get a little jealous, but really it’s all about body fat percentage and a healthy weight for YOU!


Losing fat and becoming healthy works like anything else in life, it has its own timeline and there is more going on then meets the eye. When you make a sudden change to your lifestyle it shocks your body, and sometimes you hit a plateau because your body is freaking out that you might not have enough fat stored up in case of emergency. It’s a part of our body that would keep us safe back when food was not readily available at the grocery store. Also, there are changes occurring throughout your body that may not be visible, that will help you become healthier and that are preparing your body to lose the fat when it’s ready. In life, I wish things would just happen when I want them too, but they just don’t. And, a lot of the time I am later thankful that they don’t happen when I want because there is a BETTER outcome. 30 days wise, I am so happy with the other changes I have seen (no bloating, clear skin, sleeping better, even blood sugar levels, etc.) I know that my body is changing within and I need to step back and recognize that my body can’t do everything all at once. I encourage you, if you have hit a plateau or you just haven’t seen the results you want yet, DON’T give up! I won’t give up on you, and you shouldn’t either. It will all come in time WHEN IT’S SUPPOSED TOO. I’m going to dust myself off and keep pushing forward, I hope you will join me!

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