Using the Right Fuel: Week 2 Update

Time for another update! I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through my 30 days! I’m feeling amazing and I’m already planning how to keep this lifestyle up AFTER my 30 days have passed. I’m not going to lie, the first week was a struggle, I craved bad food all the time, I had headaches and my skin was breaking out from all of the toxins leaving my body. But, it’s true what they say, “this too shall pass,” and it did and I feel great. Not only is my skin clear and bright, but my mood isn’t being controlled by my blood sugar and I’m sleeping well. No, that’s an understatement, I am sleeping like a rock! I can normally sleep through anything, I mean ANYTHING, but with my anxiety, I wake up multiple time in the night because I’m afraid I have missed my alarm. But through this cleanse I have been sleeping through the night, AND I feel awake and refreshed in the morning, not like a zombie.

I used to be one of those people who needed their coffee in the morning or they were just outright mean. A month ago I decided to switch my coffee (which was mostly a lot of sugar and cream with a little bit of coffee) out for a healthier choice, my Arbonne fizz sticks. The fizz sticks are a drink packet that I just mix with water on the go (kind of like the crystal lite packets, but much healthier) and they work like a natural energy drink. The caffeine is a much lower dose than coffee using green tea extract so I can have a few of these drinks during the day if I need a little boost. The other great benefit is that I can have these fizzy drinks while on my 30 days to healthy living AND they are encouraged! Now I can have my healthy habits and caffeine drinks too!

I have been loving this experience and learning so much about fueling my body and watching it become a well-oiled machine. I am still eating out with friends and family without making myself anxious about be perfect, but I still catch myself worrying about the numbers I will find on Monday. I have been doing the 30 days to healthy living almost completely without exercise, and that makes me nervous. I love working out, and I love taking long mid-day walks with the baby I watch, BUT this has been our first southern summer and it feels like the fiery furnace of Hell has been seeping through the ground and about to engulf us all, and therefore it is miserable to be outside.

I could make a million excuses of why I haven’t been working out like I used too, and I can harp on myself about being a disappointment and how I’m not reaching my full potential, but what’s the point? As Refeke says, “It doesn’t matter! It’s in the past.” Instead, I’m choosing to be proud of my numbers from last week, I lost 2 pounds just from changing my diet. That is pretty remarkable, especially since I haven’t been able to lose any weight from working out recently. Like I said in Monday’s blog, you are not defined by the number on the scale, I only bring up the amount I’m losing right now because it truly drives home the point that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I can bust my butt in the gym all day, but if I don’t fuel my body properly, it’s not really going to change. Food is fuel for our body, and when we stop looking at it as a way to shove our feelings deeper inside us, we can reach our goals and be happier and healthier! I challenge you today to take a look and see how you are viewing your food and see how you can better fuel your body for excellence.

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