You Are Not Defined By How Much You Weigh

Today was my first weigh in since starting my 30 Days to Healthy Living and man was I nervous. I was hoping to have lost a little weight, but I knew that since I am already in a healthy body range that I wouldn’t lose much. I also new that I had not been sticking strictly to shakes and fizz sticks since my father had come in to town to visit. I don’t know how your family works, but when someone makes you a meal or offers to take you out to dinner and you say “no thanks, I’d rather drink my protein shake, I’m on a diet,” they can take it the wrong way. I drank my shakes when I could, and when we went out I picked food that would be compliant to my new way of living. It was hard! Sitting with people telling you it’s okay to cheat and to just get pasta and and ice cream sundae, but I stayed as strong as I could. But I did bend a little, and you know what? THAT’S OKAY!

Of course I want to work on myself and stay as strict to my new diet as I can, but when I fumble I learn from it and move on. Now, I’m not saying you should cheat all the time, and that you should go crazy. If you do, you’re not going to see the same results you were hoping for. But, when we get stressed out about a cheat meal and we “hate ourselves,” or punish ourselves we are releasing cortisol (stress hormone) into the body and sends you into fat storing mode and it does more damage than that stupid cheat meal to begin with. So, if you have to eat out, or eat with family, make the best decisions you can and move on. My go to is a healthy taco option where I change the tortilla out for a large piece of lettuce and I LOVE it! I don’t feel like I’m missing out, I’m not messing up my diet too much, but most importantly, I DON’T dwell.

So what were my numbers this week? Well, I was pleasantly surprised, I lost 2 pounds!!!! Yeah, it’s not a crazy amount, but that means that my lifestyle change in healthy and I’m not starving myself. It also means that the diet is sustainable. For me the is HUGE, I have always struggled with trying to find a lifestyle that works for me, that I can stick to, and that can help me get out of my slump, and this is working so well! My measurements are below and if you take a look you will see that I almost lost an inch in every area except my thighs where I only lost half an inch. I’m excited to see where I am next week, but I keep reminding myself that I am not defined by the scale. My happiness should not depend on what that scale says. I started this lifestyle change to get healthy and feel better, and I do! So why should that number, rule my life? I have let it happen before, and it’s hard not to get into those habits. Luckily with the 30 days, I am not allowed to look at the scale except once on Mondays to record my numbers. This is a great rule, and anyone struggling with a bossy scale should make this rule for themselves as well. On to week two!!!

Weight: 130.1lb
Waist measurement: 26”
2” down measurement: 31.5”
Hip measurement: 38”
Thigh measurement: 22”
Upper arm measurement: 10”

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