Go get that Dog You’ve Always Wanted

Remember when I said I could write a whole post about the benefits of owning a dog? Well here is that post 🙂

Having a dog will help you live a healthier life. Some of you won’t even read the rest of this post because you are already on your way to get a dog. You don’t need my permission to get a dog, but if you have the time, money, and space for one then I say go for it! But, let’s take a minute and actually talk about the benefits of the best pet ever. (Some cat lady somewhere wants to fight me because she thinks cats are the best) First, um no. Second, they go to the bathroom inside, on purpose! Third, they don’t get you out of the house and more active, and lastly, they are jerks (I can say that, because I am literally a cat in human form and I once lived with 4 of them). So, now that we have decided that dogs are better, let’s take a look at why (wo)man’s best friend is going to help you live a healthier life.

If you have ever wanted someone to love you unconditionally and act like you are the greatest thing in the whole world, then get a dog. I wish I could be as happy all the time as my dogs, they get excited about everything and are always happy to see me. We have so much to learn from dogs such as unconditional love, forgiveness, and loyalty (ahem, none of which you will find in a cat). Now for someone like myself who has anxiety and gets depressed frequently, it is great having dogs that can perceive how I am feeling and try to make me feel better. For me, it works. If I’m sad, my dog cuddles with me, brings me toys, and most importantly gives me a reason to get up. If you have days when you can barely get out of bed, try to say no to a hungry, puppy-eyed love bug…you can’t. When you just want to crawl in a hole try saying no to that ball of joy and tell them you won’t play with them…you can’t. If I can’t do it for myself, at least I can do it for my fur babies.

Once you are up and going, grab the leash and take your dog for a walk, it’s great for your dog and you. A nice brisk walk for at least thirty minutes has great health benefits (check out this blog on getting started). If you are unable to make the lifelong commitment of being a dog parent but still want the benefits, check out your local shelter. Many shelters have running programs for their more active dogs who need a purpose. You help wear out the dogs and teach them how to walk and run properly on a leash, and you get the love and exercise benefits of having a dog. Also, if a dog is depending on that run it will probably get you out of bed and out the door in the morning. Find out what works in your schedule and find that love that you deserve and give the love you know you are capable of.

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