30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

Check out all the products I’m using here!Why do we go on diets? To lose a few pounds before a special event, to get that quick fix before bikini season, but why don’t the results last? They don’t last because a diet is short lived and can usually not be sustained for long period of time, not to mention that they are usually very unhealthy. I’ve been looking for a change, not a quick fix, a way that I can live a healthier life and hopefully lose a few pounds along the way. I learned about the 30 days to healthy living plan a while back, but I made all the excuses in the book why I couldn’t do it. (It’s too expensive, I don’t have the time, I would never be able to stick to that, I don’t know how!) But, when I looked at the way I was living, and the change I needed to make, this plan was the best fit for me and I made the commitment.

Like I said, I am looking to learn to live a healthier life while also losing some excess fat, but there are more perks as well. The 30-day plan comes most of the food needed through the day except for dinner, so I get to learn how to cook healthy meals (one at a time), while also keeping my budget. I, like a lot of people, need to stick to a budget, but I also love food and eating out with friends which in turn blows my budget to bits. With this plan I’m spending $8.50 a day on all the food except dinner (or whatever meal I decide to cook), that’s a lot less than if I decided to eat out for lunch and grab a coffee. Another great perk is that the plan teaches me how to keep this lifestyle up after the program is over, and they have a support group on facebook to keep me accountable (because let’s face it, if I was doing it myself I would cheat all the time because no one would know). The 30 days to healthy living program is set up to help us succeed, and I can’t wait to see the change!

What does the 30 days to healthy living include? Two bags of vegan protein either chocolate or vanilla, two boxes of fizz sticks (a natural energy drink with green tea extract), two boxes of detox tea, one box of digestion plus, a bag of fiber boost, and I chose to do the seven day body cleanse (you can change this out for a box of greens). Not to mention the amazing group who will be also going through the program to keep you motivated, and the amazing recipes they share!

I plan to post updates here twice a week and almost daily on my Instagram @jennibintennessee

Where I’m starting:
Weight: 132.40lb
Waist measurement: 27”
2” down Measurement: 32.5”
Hip measurement: 39”
Thigh measurement: 22.5”
Upper Arm measurement: 11”

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