Detox the Detox

We hear the word detox all the time, and most of you are sick of hearing about it. Usually, we hear about it so often is because there is controversy about whether detoxing your body is good or bad. Personally, I think the question should be what is the right way and the wrong way to detoxify your body. We are constantly surrounded by chemicals and toxins that are being absorbed by our body, and since we can’t just sit in a bubble all day, we need to find ways to get rid of those toxins that enter our body before they do damage. Detox should not be a taboo word, it should be your friend!

If you think I’m crazy, let’s get rid of the BIGGEST misconception about Detoxing: Detoxifying your body does not and should not consist of any sort of starvation! When your friend invites you to do a detox cleanse where you drink some concoction of liquid for a week, your answer is NO! There are better ways to detox that won’t leave you starving with your metabolism in shambles. These alternatives are easier to maintain and will actually speed up your metabolism. If you are looking for a “diet” (I really hate that word!—always try for a lifestyle change, not a quick fix) or a meal plan to detoxify then look for something with raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A plan that will keep you full, but using natural items that will clear your body from the processing and hormones in a large about of our everyday food. Some of these healthy cleanses can actually help you become aware of some foods that you may have a slight allergy to, such as gluten and dairy. (Always consult with a doctor before trying a cleanse or lifestyle change).

I hear it now… “But, but, Jenn, how can we regularly keep up with a detox lifestyle?” If you read my previous post about the potentially harmful ingredients in some of our favorite (and yes cheap) daily use products (if you haven’t read it, check it out) then you know that many products have harmful fillers that can affect our whole body. Many fillers are petroleum based, clog your pores, and actually act like you have wrapped your skin in liquid plastic. This leads to the body not being able to naturally detoxify through sweat and can lead to aged looking skin. I recommend a detox bath (or shower), with a natural salt scrub, detoxifying body wash, and of course a clean vegan lotion after to keep your skin nice and soft. I personally use the Arbonne Rescue and Renew Detox line, it smells great, feels great, and leaves me FEELING great! Remember, your skin absorbs what is on it in less than 30 seconds, so when we help detoxify our skin then we are helping our whole body.


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